The labyrinth is an invitation to walk with openness to the moving of the Spirit of Life (whoever/whatever we place our ultimate trust). The path, marked with healing herbs & plants, leads to the center and out again.  To walk the labyrinth is to step away from our every day life for a moment, to slow down, to ponder, to listen, to receive guidance, healing, inspiration…  Through walking connection is realized to ones deeper self, to community and to the universe.Individuals or groups are welcome.    


Guidelines for Walking
(There are no rules. You are invited to consider these suggestions)


  • Breathe and be aware as enter this sacred space
  • Think of intention or question for the walk


  • Walk in with an open mind and heart
  • Linger in the center for reflection/prayer/meditation
  • Walk out affirming the power/spirit of Life present


  • Give thanks for the walk
  • Reflect individually or with others

While walking and encounter someone else
move aside & let them pass or let them do so for you
honor with eye contact & a nod
OR simply look down as moving on