Alice's Garden Staff


Venice R. Williams

Venice Williams is the Executive Director of Alice’s Garden and its visionary leader.  She calls herself a cultural and spiritual midwife, strongly believing she was put in Creation to help bring forth all that is good and whole in people and places.  She has been doing just that in Milwaukee for the past twenty-seven years.  She may be reached at


Cheri Johnson

Cheri Johnson, Spiritual Caretaker, has been caring for the garden, its creatures (human and other than human), and especially the Living Labyrinth, for more than five years.  She shares, "Summer is coming and I am looking forward to standing in the middle of Alice's Garden with the sun shining, the vegetables & flowers growing, & the breeze cooling the gardeners.  While absorbing the goodness, I will listen and look for the moving of the Spirit within the individuals and the community." Cheri is also deeply involved in the strong water focus at Alice's Garden. She helps guide the work of the water committee, helping the community to better understand the value and importance of water in the city, their lives, the world.


Demetrius Brown, Sr.

Demetrius has been doing programming in the garden for more than twenty years!  During the early years of the garden's production, he helped establish the garden for Milwaukee County Extension. In later years he was involved in the development of youth entrepreneurship programming with young men and women within the community and has established programs like M.O.V.E (More Organic Vegetables Everywhere). Demetrius currently works with men in the garden weekly facilitating a process of healing through gardening practices, teambuilding activities, and opportunities to tune in to the environment. He may be reached at