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We are transforming Earth, Families, and Community, one tomato, yoga class, herbal bath at a time!


Water Harvesting Project


"I am often asked, ’When did you get involved in urban agriculture?’  I must admit, at times I am annoyed by the question. In the midst of this era where urban agriculture has become a movement that you join or connect to,  it is hard for some to understand that, for many, like myself, growing food in the urban context has always been a way of life for our families, for our people.  It has been part of the physical and cultural landscape of African Americans, always, and there is nothing new about it."

~ Venice R. Williams, Executive Director Alice's Garden

The original website was created in collaboration with UW-Milwaukee School of Information Studies by Senior students: Kent Fehrm, Kyle Sabel, Oluwatosin Awe, Thomas Breitenbach, Anurag Das and Brittney DuPont. 

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