Alice's Garden Staff

Adjua Nsoroma

Adjua has been working at Alice's Garden since her middle school years, when she came aboard in the 6th grade as a volunteer!  She is an herbal apprentice, she works at the Alice's Garden stands at area farmers markets, works with several of the Alice's Garden programs, and may, often, be found weeding, mulching and planting!  She also is an incredible visual artist!  She will be a senior at Milwaukee High School of the Arts for the 2016-17 school year.


Venice Williams

Venice Williams is the Executive Director of Alice’s Garden and its visionary leader.  She calls herself a cultural and spiritual midwife, strongly believing she was put in Creation to help bring forth all that is good and whole in people and places.  She has been doing just that in Milwaukee for the past twenty-seven years.  She may be reached at

Cheri Johnson

Cheri Johnson, Spiritual Caretaker, has been carrying for the garden, its creatures (human and other than human), and especially the Living Labyrinth, for more than five years.  She shares: Summer is coming and I am looking forward to standing in the middle of Alice's Garden with the sun shining, the vegetables & flowers growing, & the breeze cooling the gardeners.  While absorbing the goodness, I will listen and look for the moving of the Spirit within the individuals and the community. Cheri is also deeply involved in the strong water focus at Alice's Garden. She helps guide the work of the water committee, helping the community to better understand the value and importance of water in the city, their lives, the world. 

Demetrius Brown, Sr.

Demetrius Brown, Sr. works for Milwaukee County Cooperative Extension, and leads the teen M.O.V.E. Crew, (More Organic Vegetables Everywhere) and directs the Healthier Corner Store Initiative, a partnership with Alice’s Garden, Milwaukee County Extension, and the Fondy Farm.  He also offers a 4-H Health Rocks! Day Camp and a new Meet Me In The Garden program..  Demetrius has been doing programming in the garden for more than twenty years!  He may be reached at


Stephanie Sandy

Stephanie Sandy is ready to guide the community through another season of stretching our minds and bodies and breathing deeply.  Stephanie's calm presence invites people of all ages to spend time caring for their bodies, and experience the beauty of the garden as they share in a community yoga class. She has been the yoga instructor at Alice's for the past eleven years!

Iris Christian

Iris Christian is the 2016 Artist-In-Residence at Alice's Garden!

Iris will be working with the Alice's Garden community and with our Seeds, Soil and Soul Summer Program, to create small and larger fabric squares, depicting the garden plots, and garden quadrants at Alice's Garden! She will help nurture the art of sewing and stitching and threading and creating using fabric and other materials!

Iris and her family cultivated garden plots at Alice's Garden for several years. Iris was also the first staff person for Healthy Moms, Healthy Kids, a project of Alice's Garden.

Who is Iris? In her own words:

"I am Iris Acevedo a Designer and Sewing Instructor from Milwaukee, and owner of Virtuous By Design." Virtuous By Design was conceived out of my love for sewing and my heart’s desire to live according to God's purpose for my life. I believe that all creation is divine and approach my work from this perspective. Every piece that I design is inspired from bible scripture and through prayer.

I always wanted to learn how to sew even as a child. It wasn't until after the birth of my daughter in 2005 that an opportunity opened for me to take a class. Over the course of the last 10 years I practiced my craft mostly through self-study, online sewing courses and in 2012 I completed Couturier 1 at the Maryland Academy for Couture Arts.

I designed my first collection of crochet outerwear in November of 2013 after I separated from my then husband of 10 years. I chose to redirect all of the negative emotions from a painful situation into creating the life that I wanted to live and pursue my lifetime dream of becoming a fashion designer.

In March of 2015 I successfully crowdfunded a small business loan through Kiva Zip. This allowed me to purchase sewing machines and supplies to expand Virtuous by Design product and services. In May of 2015 I began teaching beginner sewing classes to women and children and started working on my first collection to be released fall 2015.

The bible says in Isaiah 61:3 that God will give us beauty for ashes. Virtuous By Design is my beauty for the ashes. It is my hearts desire to create beautiful things while sharing my gift with other aspiring seamstresses and designers."

Welcome, back, Iris